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Christ Church Community Rooms

Block Lane




Free places for Children aged 2, 3 and 4 years old from Nursery Education Grant

Enquiries  welcome.

Register on our waiting list by calling in to see us.

Our opening times are:

Morning session: 8.15 – 11.45 Monday to Friday

Cost per session: £8.00

Grants for 2 year olds are available in some cases. All 3 and 4 year olds receive funded 15 hour places. Speak to a member of staff to check your eligibility.

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  1. Hi my daughter is 2 on the 22nd of January, I was wondering can she come to afternoon sessions next term ? I have a voucher of the council for her

    • Stacey we have a pre school block lane chadderton 07928149269 or we have a pre school on broadway chadderton 01616848686 if you please ring you can look around and register your child.

  2. Hi i will like to send my son to pre school he will be 2 year old on 5th of September and i might get grant for that. I would like to send him on Monday and Tuesday morning only is this possible can you please let me know then i can come to your office.
    Thank you

    • Rena we have 2 pre schools in chadderton. One on block lane telephone number 07928149269.
      The other is on Broadway 0161 684 8686. You are best phoning and going to look around and if you like it register your son.
      Sorry only just seen the message

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